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As a party planner, you are busy. There are meetings and trainings you need to attend and of course you want to fit in as many parties as you can. That's where your income, growth and future lies.

The last thing you need is to take more time out of your diary to go to another training session!

Now you can upgrade your skills in your own time. No childcare to organise, expensive parking to pay or distance to travel.

It doesn't matter where you live - Melbourne, Minnesota, Wellington, Woolloomoolo, Calgary or Birmingham.

It doesn't matter what time it is.

It doesn't matter what you are wearing or if you need to cook dinner in the middle of it.

Our training is available worldwide, 24/7 and is just what new consultants need to build a strong base business, and leaders need to build powerful teams.

Our courses are interactive, meaning you can ask questions and share your experiences with others. Everyone gets to interact in their own time.

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